Posted by: Seth David | December 23, 2009

Step 2 – Lack of power

Lack of power is my dilemma. Step 2 is not about my understanding of God, but seeing my need for power, and getting it.


  1. What was step 1? I also wanted to mention, my mom was an alcoholic, and an addict. I spent the majority of my adolescence in AA meetings. She is still currently a valid and very productive member of AA. I don’t go with her anymore, but I guarantee you that’s one of the things that kept me away from drugs and alcohol.

  2. If you scroll down and look at the categories you can see there is one on Step 1. This blog is on hold for now while I go through the steps again with a new sponsor. Presently we are on Step 4 and it will be a little while before we finish!

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