Posted by: Seth David | October 3, 2009

A Rallying Point

The end of step 2 says that this is a rallying point. In only recently struck me when I was working with a guy I sponsor that is says this here. So I looked up Rally and there are some great definitions here:

  • to come together for common action or effort: The disunited party rallied in time for the election campaign.
  • to come together or into order again: The captain ordered his small force to rally at the next stream.
  • to come to the assistance of a person, party, or cause (often fol. by to or around): to rally around a political candidate.
  • to recover partially from illness: He spent a bad night but began to rally by morning.
  • to find renewed strength or vigor: The runner seemed to be rallying for a final sprint.

The problem was identified in step 1 and we get here from all different backgrounds and experiences. So step 2 is a place where we come together for a common effort. In step 2 we are now focused on the solution. This comes as good news to me because I now realize I do not have to wait until step 5 to recognize that I am not alone. I can begin to recognize right in step 2 that I am at a point of coming together with others in a common effort to find the solution to alcoholism and drug addiction. I love this.

I will attempt to write my step 3 overview this weekend. Hope you are having a great one!

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