Posted by: Seth David | August 24, 2009

The Evolution of My Interests

When I first got sober my scope was limited. I did not have an interest in many things, because I did not have knowledge of very many things. I knew how to get high. I knew how to lie and cover up very well. These were no longer skills I was going to be able to use. They no longer suited me – especially if I was going to build a new character whose foundation was based very specifically on doing the opposite – being honest, holding all my cards out, and hiding nothing. I was a pretty boring person when you think about it because of my lack of interest in and knowledge of anything.

Then I found passion. This has evolved over the past 10 years into intense passion for life. I have fallen in love. I first had to fall in love with myself. Once I found that I had love for myself, I realized I had love within myself. This love has translated into love for my wife, the rest of my family and my friends and of course I have to include my dogs. As a matter of fact I credit them with bringing out the most intense love that I have for all things! Today I have the opposite problem compared with what is described in the previous paragraph. I am so filled with love for so many things it is hard to choose how to spend my time. I wish I could fit in everything I want to do. I wish I could afford everything I want to do J. All in good time! All in God’s time.

God bless all of my family and friends – God thank you for all that you have given me, for all that you have taken away, and for everything that you have left behind!


  1. These are our gifts in recovery. Passion for our interests, love for our family. I used to have passion for my addiction and love for the time i would get to use. Of course that part didn’t last long… after which i just thought i had passion and love for those things. Seems so foreign to me now.

  2. Seth,
    Great talking with you today.

    Your description of the gift of passion is fantastic. God’s grace is bountiful. Your description caused me to reminisce about my sponsor and best friend, Vince, may he rest in peace. Vince had the same spark I saw in your eyes today on the web cam. He spoke about and acted with enthusiasm in all things in life, especially AA. With his infectious smile and a twinkle in his eye, he would frequently remind me to remember the of the etymology of enthusiasm.

    From Merriam-Webster-
    Etymology: Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein to be inspired, irregular from entheos inspired, from en- + theos god
    Date: 1603

    When he would see God’s grace happening at a meeting or when we were out around town, he’d smile at me and I would say, “en theos” and we would have a joint smile at the joys in life. Passion is one of those dividends of “en theos”.

    Easy does it and have a great Sunday, Seth.

    • Thank you Roger! I really appreciate the kind words. It was a real pleasure getting to meet you today! I look forward to continuing on this journey with you.May all of our days be filled with passion for life and for everything we do!

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