Posted by: Seth David | July 20, 2009

Step I – Passion

One of the things I was happy to find out in Step I was that I did not have to be homeless to get this program. I was just about homeless anyway, but the point is that I did not have to necessarily get to the same point that some of the early AA pioneers had to get to in order to recover. There was hope for me even though I hadn’t completely bottomed out. I still had some of my dignity. Not much, but some. The step goes on to explain that as long as I grab hold of these principles with all the fervor with which the drowning seize life preservers, then I will more than likely get well or for that matter improve my life drastically. Fervor is passion. This paints a certain picture. I needed to be desperate and it didn’t matter what the experience was that got me to the place where I was as desperate as a drowning person is to survive. I can handle more than some, and I am sure there are many who can handle more than me. I worked as a lifeguard when I was a kid. We were taught that when approaching a drowning victim, you extent the buoy at arms length because the victim is going to grab hold of it and keep going towards you. The danger is they can pull you down as you are trying to help them. That’s how powerful someone is when they grab hold of something with the conviction being described here.

Eventually what I learned is that when I apply this principle – the principle of laying hold of something with all the fervor with which the drowning sieze life preservers. What I realize today is that anything I grab hold of with this kind of passion is something I cannot possibly fail at, but I need to be clear. The kind of passion we are talking about here is the kind of passion where I eat it, live it, breathe it, and can’t imagine living without it. I want to spend every waking minute of my day doing it. The step also tells me that I need to be as open-minded to conviction and as willing to listen as the dying can be. So I need to be passionate and I need to be willing to listen. Humility is tied in here because only a humble person is willing to listen. So when I am both passionate and willing to listen I am unstoppable. This has been my own personal experience. I sit in certain step study meetings today and I listen. I write notes because I know I cannot remember everything, but I remember a whole lot more when I have written something down. This is how I’ve learned as much as I’ve learned and I still have a long way to go.

I’ve applied this principle in my relationships and seen the relationships flourish. I’ve applied it in my business and seen my business grow. This is not a suggestion, this is a guarantee. People who are immensely successful at what they do are that way because of passion. Because there is only the one thing they want to do and keep their focus on – many of them don’t have families because they are so driven and focused on wanting to be the best at something. This is not to say that we all have to be so focused on one thing that we cannot enjoy families. It is just to illustrate the spectrum.

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